Poll Updates On Toph Candidate:

*Erin Kong - 11%
*Megan Lewallen - 50%
*Meg Barron - 25%
*Heather Dowling - 0%
*Casey Lee - 8%
*Emilirose - 6%
Megan Lewallen, once again, is in the lead and she is followed by Meg Barron. Megan Lewallen has hit half of the votes and Meg Barron (who was really hanging in there for a second) has a quarter of votes. Heather Dowling REMAINS at zero percent.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dear Readers,
I've had some rather interesting comments on the poll results and I would like to clear somethings up.
  • YES, I did get the poll results from Megan Lewallen's website BECAUSE they where the ONLY poll results I could find.
  • YES, I have planned on doing my own poll for it to be more valid.
  • THE POINT of the first blog was so that I was following on that specific wiki to give you results based on that wiki and many professionals (writers/journals/bloggers/etc.) do this all the time.
I would also like to add that that was my first blog and I'm only a teenager, so I would appreciate it if you didn't automatically attack me and give me some time to clear things up. I do, however, apologize for not making myself more clear. It's my first time.

Onto more happier and better news ...
I will hosting my first ever poll starting today! The poll will end on November 11th, 2010 and I hope you are prepared for any results of the polls. I would also like to remind you - please don't kill the messenger. 

I apologize for my mistakes and I hope you will look at my blog in a new light.
Jessica F.  


  1. @michaelb11 It would have gotten WAY too many votes. I just based it on the poll before.

  2. Megan Lewallen all the way!!!!!!!!!!!