Poll Updates On Toph Candidate:

*Erin Kong - 11%
*Megan Lewallen - 50%
*Meg Barron - 25%
*Heather Dowling - 0%
*Casey Lee - 8%
*Emilirose - 6%
Megan Lewallen, once again, is in the lead and she is followed by Meg Barron. Megan Lewallen has hit half of the votes and Meg Barron (who was really hanging in there for a second) has a quarter of votes. Heather Dowling REMAINS at zero percent.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poll VS Poll

Dear Readers,
As you probably have already noticed, I've put my own poll! It's the same questions as Megan Lewallen's (a Toph candidate) poll but different votes. It's currently 8:40PM on November 3rd, 2010 (you probably already knew that) and the current poll ratings are:

"Would you rather have Toph played by an Asian? Why?"
  • No, because it doesn't matter what race you are. It matter's how well you can act. - 65%
  • No, because I see Toph as a Caucasian. - 0%
  • Yes, because I believe Shyamalan is portraying raciest casting. - 0%
  • Yes, because I see Toph as an Asian. - 35%

"Who is your favorite Toph candidate?"

  • Erin Kong - 12%
  • Megan Lewallen - 48% 
  • Meg Barron - 24% 
  • Heather Dowling - 0%
  • Casey Lee - 8%
  • Emilirose - 8%
Megan Lewallen seems to be doing fairly well in this poll and total 48% of voters would chose Megan Lewallen. However, before I continue talking about these candidates I'd like to talk about some other 'candidates' which include the most recent candidate on the TLA2 Wiki , Richada Ky.
Some people other sites are supporting more famous people which include Isabelle Fuhman and Chloe Moretz.

  • Chloe Moretz - Chloe Moretz, who played Hit Girl in the Kick Ass movie, has become pretty famous since that movie. Chloe Moretz's TLA2 supporters have even tried starting a Twitter trend but that hasn't worked out. At the time that TLA2 would be filming Chloe Moretz would already be busy so she will not be able to play Toph and despite this her fans to rant and rave about her.
  • Isabelle Fuhman - Isabelle Fuhman, who's most known for her role in Orphan, is another praised 'candidate' but it is also going to be busy during the time that the film is filming. 
  • Richada Ky - Richada Ky is a very new candidate with no experience (that we know of) and is Asian. Since she is new to the TLA2 world of candidates not much is known about her. She, like many of the other candidates, might not go as far and might fade back into the back of peoples minds. 

2 Wiki most people talk about Megan Lewallen and Meg Barron. There is a little talk about Erin Kong. Richada Ky is a good actress (much better than some of the other candidates) but I would suspect that if she doesn't keep up the internet auditions and chatting with people she will fade into the back of people's minds (like Emilirose or Heather Dowling). Richada Ky will definitely have to earn her place if she wants to be kept in the fan base's vision. I, however, don't think she's up to par just yet. 

Jessica F.

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