Poll Updates On Toph Candidate:

*Erin Kong - 11%
*Megan Lewallen - 50%
*Meg Barron - 25%
*Heather Dowling - 0%
*Casey Lee - 8%
*Emilirose - 6%
Megan Lewallen, once again, is in the lead and she is followed by Meg Barron. Megan Lewallen has hit half of the votes and Meg Barron (who was really hanging in there for a second) has a quarter of votes. Heather Dowling REMAINS at zero percent.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dear Readers,
The time has come and the polls have ended. Here are the results -

Who is your favorite Toph candidate?
  • Erin Kong - 11% 
  • Megan Lewallen - 50%
  • Meg Barron - 25%
  • Heather Dowling - 0%
  • Casey Lee - 8%
  • Emilirose - 6%
MEGAN LEWALLEN was in the lead the ENTIRE time during voting. She has 50% of votes! Wowzers!

Would you rather have Toph played by an Asian? Why?

  • No, because it doesn't matter what race you are. It matter's how well you can act. - 54%
  • No, because I see Toph as a Caucasian. - 0%
  • Yes, because I believe that Shyamalan is portraying raciest casting. - 5%
  • Yes, because I see Toph as an Asian. - 41%
Wow. Only five percent say Shyamalan is portraying raciest casting ... hmmm.


Megan Lewallen is the top favorite of candidates, so says the votes, and is followed by Meg Barron. Wow. Megan Lewallen has half of the fan base! She's still in the fifty percentile, even if the poll wasn't posted on her website. Personally, I like Megan Lewallen however I also like Meg Barron. 


  1. False. Only 5% want Toph to be Asian because of the racist casting. Also, you should put how many votes there were. Like if only 10 people voted, its not saying very much.

  2. More than 10 people voted. It was like ... over 20 ... and as for the Toph candidates it was almost 40. I don't understand how you can say the information is false because VOTING showed these results.

  3. First, this is opinion, it can't be true or false and i never said it was. You said "five percent say Shyamalan is portraying raciest casting" but that's not what they voted for. The choice says "Toph should be Asian because I believe that Shyamalan is portraying raciest casting." which is different. It doesn't mean only 5% believe it is RACIST, but it's the reason those 5% want toph to be Asian.

    All I said was that you should post the number of votes for each choice because otherwise, percentages mean nothing.

    Oh and please learn how to spell "racist"